That Henry VIII did not found The Church of England.

That Magna Carta referred to The Church of England nearly 300 years before Henry VIII was born

That Saint Augustine ( a missionary sent from Rome to convert the Angles) found in Kent, Britain, The Church well established, with a Christian Queen worshiping in the Christian Church, which even then had Bishops, Priests, and Deacons.

That three English Bishops attended the Council at Arles in the year 314 A.D., thereby proving that The Church was well established in Britain by the beginning of the 4th century.

That not one of the 6 great councils of The Church (including the Council of Nicaea, held in 325 A.D. at which time The Nicene Creed was formulated) was presided over by a Roman Bishop.

That the Reformation was started nearly 200 years before the beginning of Henry VIII’s reign.

That the Episcopal Church (Church of England) was in America 13 years before the landing of the Pilgrims.

That George Washington, Patrick Henry and 35 signers of the Declaration of Independence were baptized and confirmed members of the Episcopal Church.

That The Church has never protested against the Holy Catholic Faith… She has protested and continues to protest against Roman innovations, abuses and errors.

That She will not be Roman because She can not, nor will She accept man made doctrines and Papal Supremacy... She can not be Protestant because She will not surrender Her Apostolic Ministry and Sacraments.