A look ahead

30 September 2018:  We will collect food staples for Shelby Emergency Assistance.  Any shelf-stable item is acceptable; items such as bullion cubes, cornmeal, flour, cooking oil, salt, sugar, and other basics are especially useful.

Celebrating our 35th Anniversary

We will celebrate our 35th anniversary with a special mass at 10 a.m. Sunday, 14 October 2018, and with a covered dish dinner in the Parish Hall afterward.  The mass will be celebrated by the Rt. Rev. William C. Wiygul, retired, one of 15 founding members of the parish and a former rector of Holy Comforter.

We invite our friends, past members, supporters, and all who are interested in traditional worship to join us we give thanks to Almighty God for his great goodness to us over the last three and a half decades.  It has been a time of joys and sorrows, of trials and triumphs, always with God’s help and many blessings.

For the covered dish dinner, a roast tenderloin of beef with mushroom gravy and a smoked turkey with giblet gravy will be provided.  A sign-up sheet has been created in the Parish Hall kitchen for salads, vegetables, desserts, beverages, etc.  Guests do not need to bring anything.

Please join us as we give thanks to God for his great goodness.